Friendship Goals-Living Together in the Woods

Every person sometimes thinks about the idea of leaving everything behind and moving into some safe place. We are living in very stressful times. We are constantly under pressure. This is why a lot of us sometimes think about the idea of leaving everything behind and moving into some safe place. These best friends are actually living this dream.

Usually when we think about leaving and going somewhere safe we think about a tiny cabin in the deep forest, island or in the mountain. On the other hand, these 8 friends had another idea. They build an eco-town.

It cost around $40,000 and It was designed by Matt Garcia. This town is environmental-friendly and designed to make the most of the surroundings. These 8 friends are actually 4 couples. They called this town ‘Llano Exit Strategy’.

They say that they just wanted to change the concrete and metal of the modern city for something warm and natural. The architect Matt Garcia points out that this construction actually cost too much.

The design and the material ensure and keep the summer cool and the winter warm. Plywood is used for the interiors. This doesn’t cost a lot. The roofs have barrels for water, and it can hold 50,000 gallons of water from the rain.

When they were living in the normal cities they didn’t see each other very often, even though they lived were close to each other. This was due to the modern live and all the obligations. Today they can see each other often and enjoy their company. They also have guest rooms and kitchens for all of their family and friends who come to visit.

The guests that come to visit have many places to go and many things to see. They can go outside and enjoy as well. Among the other things they have octagonal picnic table.

However, the 8 best friends have still not moved in to this beautiful environment-friendly town because they still have some work to do to make it their permanent residenceе. For now, they go there often and enjoy the peace and beauty together.


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