Their Ages Add Up To 66 – Can You Solve How Old This Father And Son Are.. ?

The ages of the father and son add up to 66. If the father’s age is the sons aged reverse, how old are they both?

Knowing that allows them to transfer their mathematical abilities to other fields, making sure they excel in whatever they end up doing in life!

So, with all that in mind, have you managed to solve the riddle yet?
If you’re a bit stuck, here’s a hint – think of numbers that when reversed at up to 66.

Struggling to find the one right answer? Well that’s because there are three possible answers!









Here they are:
The father could be 51 and the son is 15
The father could be 42 and the son is 24

The father could be 60 and the son is 6
Did you or your kid figure out the answer?
Riddles like this are a great way of doing math in a fun way, while also bonding with your child!

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